300 Word Story Discussion Board: Evergreen

Stories presented on Discussion Boards are not pretending to be great writing, they simply exist. It is the story, rather than the writing of it that counts.



The door doesn’t so much swing open with a creak, but with a welcoming sigh of gratitude. Once upon a time it may have been the sole ownership of someone’s imagination. Not now. Not since the world exploded into wonder and fulfilment. Unpredicted. Unpredictable even now. The scent of the Earth will never evaporate, that much is clear. Lush damp soil, floral promise and sweet, tickling ferns.  Flowers and ferns spread chaotic and abundant across the fractured landscape, each variety new and unknown for their goodness, tangled together and only when prised apart are their secrets revealed. Many have perished on such hinted promise, few have thrived. As for the rest, the birds, the sea creatures, and the cunning beasts, well, they know better.

The damp grass, long and evergreen, is swamp like, where it meets dark rippling ponds that once held bricks and mortar. Columns, roofs, crockery, lives, now sunk to the centre of the Earth, swallowed hungrily in resentment and retribution. There is something to be said for the passive sound of the wild. Unconvincingly soundless, but gregarious and uplifting enough to enrapture souls. Even birdsong is unlike anything imaginable, the sound both beguiling and tormenting to the ear, and yet with it comes vibrations seductive, grotesque and utterly irresistible.  Water cascades through the rocks on all sides. Time, unnecessary now but unforgotten, can be gauged quite accurately, depending on the rhythm and intensity of the fall.  Quiet, solemn at first, by late afternoon at a guess, the water sprays in all directions, its furious roar lamenting its journey, a stoic reminder of its authority.

At the base, almost invisible, sits the Tiger. The Seer.

Long ago, the Spirit Guides were allowed to roam the Earth untethered. Today, they roam once again, the saviours of impudent souls.


This is a descriptive story, no action, no characters. The focus is on setting only.

What is it describing? What is it telling us? What is it expecting from us?

What can it teach us about pain?

What does it mean to you?


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